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5 ways to get through the holidays without getting too stressed!
5 ways to get through the holidays without getting too stressed!

Is that right to say that holidays are synonyms for partying and having a good time? Is there a way to get through the holidays without getting too stressed?

Working in hospitality for so long (all my life, actually) has given me so many opportunities to watch all kinds of celebrations and interactions that all I can say is… Yeah, right. Sure.  

Don’t get me wrong, there are people who actually have a grá about Christmas. But for some others, holidays are nothing but a bad dose of compromises and expenses, to say the least. 

And no, it doesn’t depend on age, gender, social status, financial position, or anything similar. In other words, yeah, Grinches come in all shapes and sizes.

But, can we blame them? 

Isn’t it right that getting through the holidays also brings extra stress? 

Holidays and festive stress seem to be hand in hand with many of us. However, I can tell you, there are easy ways to get through the holidays without getting too stressed.

No, I’m certainly not a psychologist or whatever, but I have positively experienced holiday stress firsthand. Here I share 5 tips I put into practice to keep off the Grinch in me to give you all the love and care you experience at Weirs Bar & Restaurant. So there you go:

1. Keep it simple

At home, with your friends and family, in the kitchen, it really helps to keep things simple. Don’t overdo, don’t overthink, and don’t push your budget and yourself to the limit just because it’s Christmas time. 

Remember, the Christmas holidays aren’t about showing off, but about sharing and giving love. Keeping this in mind will help you to get through the holidays more easily.

2. Clearly picture the celebration you want to have

This may sound contradictory to “don’t overthink” and even “don’t push your budget to the limit”, but yes, thinking about the kind of celebration you want to be in (or not) helps to establish sane limits. 

There’s nothing wrong with going full Mariah if you have the funds, time, help, and courage… But also the opposite. Visualising the kind of celebration you want to host or attend will help you to give it a lash to the right decisions.

3. Go round known triggers

Sports, religion, politics, and long-term conflicts can sour any celebrations. What’s the point to bring them to the table, if not to end meals with effin’ and blindin’? 

Choose neutral topics to talk about when having dinner, and have distracting maneuvers up your sleeves to keep your celebrations flowing by like a song. Pure bliss, no regrets. Believe me, all this will give you a hand to get through the holidays with a reduced amount of stress.

4. Watch the sugar (and booze!)

This is a classic. Celebrations are the perfect excuse to lose ourselves a bit, but there are some limits we all need to follow for our own sake. Enjoying is not a synonym for neglecting our health, especially if our bones count some rings.

5. Give room to the unexpected

Sometimes life is what it is, and a sane dose of reality makes no harm. In fact, it is good to know where are your grounds before moving on… even if they are placed in a different position than you thought. 

If your celebrations don’t go as you planned, maybe is time to take them as they are: the perfect excuse to try different things. Who knows? Maybe an ‘unsuccessful party’ will result in a memorable celebration you will cherish for the rest of your life, and for all the good reasons. 

Let yourself be surprised!


Speaking about doing different things that help you to get through the holidays without getting too stressed while keeping control of your inner Grinch, maybe you should ring us! 

A big amount of extra stress from Christmas and other holiday celebrations comes from planning dinner, entertainment, and accommodation. 

Leave them all to us! All you need to do is make a reservation to bring your bones to Weirs Bar & Restaurant, where we will take care of you.